Kit Cat Penny Quack has arrived in Pentati!

The 2nd geocache trackable travel bug to arrive in Pentati. Starting life in Pennsylvania USA on 26th September 2010 Kit Cat Penny Quack has travelled through USA, Canada, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Denmark & Netherlands before arriving on Corfu on 7th October 2015. Kit Cat Penny Quack arrived in Pentati Harbour on the 12th October 2015.

Kit Cat Penny Quack enjoying life at Pentati Harbour

Kit Cat Penny Quack is enjoying life down at the harbour making time to laze on the boats in the sun watching the horizon waiting for the fishermen to return.

You can follow Kit Cat Penny Quack's travels here:

The next photo was taken on the 12th October 2015 by geocacher Mister_Oska: